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How it works? Very simple!

1. First you send us a link to your application exe. file (to sales@clouditup.com)

  • We install your software on our “clouditup” system
  • We do make a “quick check” of your software in our environment
  • Normally it takes 20 minutes but you should expect to get it up to 1 working day.

2. we send you a link to your software in our new “clouditup” online platform

The link includes all of your new system features:

  • Main web page with demo button trial & login  buttons, + tablets and mac accessibility (see image 1)
  • Secondary  web pages: Start account page (see image 2)

                    - Login page (see image 3)

                    - Other secondary pages such as desktop icons atc’

3. you get additional link to your administrative managing tools

With this tool you can view and manage your users lists, fix individuals access

 problems, see expired or “soon will be expired” users account and more reports

 (see images 4,5)


clouditup - main web page

clouditup - end user login page

clouditup - end user registration page

clouditup - manager tools

clouditup - manager tools

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