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Why do you need clouditup system?

You develop and market an offline successful  windows software and your customers
just love it.
However few of them ask you for an online solution that will let them work via internet.
Maybe they aren't the majority of your customers but they reflect a real user need.

The answer to your customer could be “no” (or “yes, we will release a solution next year..” which actually means “no”), The problem is that you cant be sure how the negative answer will make them feel towards you. 

Clouditup gives you the ability for a sharp “YES” answer.
Clouditup takes your steady offline software and put's it on a steady cloud system instantly.
From this moment you become a real online publisher! 

So here is the very good news
Your registered  customers who wish to work online can do it  promptly
From everywhere by user name and password
From various operating systems
Your website visitors who are interested in your software can experience it online
Instantly without downloading or any other torture processes

Cross platform accessibility
Publishers login
View and manage your online users / demo users activity 

New Publisher?

Start your 30 days of free trail.
Upload   and test your software online .You can  even let your users or your demo user try it


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